Tower Construction

Tower Services include:

  • New Tower Construction / Raw Land to Completion
  • Permitting Service’s
  • Site Planning
  • Tower Site Upgrade
  • Tower Inspections
  • Antennas and Line Installation
  • Transmission Lines Sweeping
  • Demobilization of Existing Towers
  • Generator Testing and Certification
  • Radio Installation and Configuration
  • Engineering
  • Tower Foundation
  • Tower Erection
  • Grounding Cabinet & Towers
  • System Configuration and Testing

Analysis & Design Of Masts, Towers & Poles

Today none of us can enjoy modern life even for a single day without maintaining communication with others or receiving information from GSM Mobile, radio and TV. Nevertheless, very few of us recognize that these modern conveniences are literally supported by masts and towers that are properly designed, constructed and maintained for that particular purpose.

Masts and towers are special structures

The analysis and design of masts and towers requires special knowledge and experience, especially when it concerns guyed masts.” A guyed mast is one of the most complicated structures an engineer can be faced with”, according to experts who think the special problems related to these structures are underlined by the many collapses which have occurred during the years.

The basis of design for such antenna supporting structures are sometimes many and often mutual contradictory, and the overall structural layout may have a dramatically effect on the loading on the structure. The loads are mainly meteorological from wind and ice and a combination of these. The dynamic nature of the wind needs also to be taken into account as masts and towers are more or less sensitive to dynamic loads.

Since the beginning

GSL has been heavily engaged in the analysis, design and construction of masts and towers ever since the formation of the company in 2002. Today we are ranked in good local market position to provide and support many of Oil & Gas companies and private sectors in term of telecoms and towers related, we own skilled, trained and professional teams to claim towers, install, fix and provide maintenance.

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