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As your Kelio authorized reseller in Iraq, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions for your employee management needs. – Contact us today 

Kelio interface for efficient HR management

Your Kelio Authorized Reseller in Iraq

As your authorized Kelio reseller, GSL is here to revolutionize your employee management experience in Iraq. Kelio’s comprehensive HRIS software simplifies HR management and access control processes, offering a complete solution for monitoring working time, managing schedules and absences, supervising remote working, and overseeing access control.


Centralized HR Management Software in Iraq

Kelio's HRIS Software - A to Z Employee Management:

Time and Attendance Management (T&A): Kelio’s T&A software provides an easy way to monitor working time, manage absences, and plan your teams’ schedules efficiently.

Administrative HR Management: Digitalize your HR processes and centralize all administrative management with Kelio’s complete and secure HRIS.

Access Control: Safeguard your employees and premises against malicious acts with Kelio’s access control and building security solutions.

Clocking Terminals: Explore a more reliable way to track working time and introduce innovative HR services with Kelio’s collaborative clocking terminals and hardware.

Employees using Kelio for time tracking

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