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Security camera equipped with infrared night vision for 24/7 surveillance

Your Trusted Surveillance Partner

At GSL, we specialize in providing our customers with advanced surveillance systems, ensuring 24/7 protection for your premises. Our qualified professionals are dedicated to designing and installing surveillance solutions that not only meet but exceed your security requirements. From preventing loss of profit to deterring burglary and fraudulent claims, we’ve got your business covered

Collaborate with GSL's qualified professionals to design and install a surveillance system customized to your unique security needs. Our experts work closely with IT, Security, Facilities, and other departments to develop the best solution for your premises.

Tailored Surveillance Solutions:

CCTV to IP Video Migration: Upgrade your surveillance capabilities with our CCTV to IP Video migration services

Mobile / Remote Viewing: Stay connected and monitor your premises anytime, anywhere with our mobile and remote viewing solutions

Wired and Networks Design: Ensure a robust and secure surveillance network with our expert design services.

Integration with IP-Enabled Access Control & Alarm Systems: Seamlessly integrate surveillance with access control and alarm systems for comprehensive security.

Security Wireless Networking Services: Explore secure and efficient wireless networking solutions to enhance your security infrastructure

CCTV cameras monitoring the premises for enhanced security
CCTV & Security installation Erbil

Comprehensive Services

From planning and design to installation, equipment configuration, evaluation, and testing, GSL provides comprehensive end-to-end support for your surveillance needs.


Elevate your existing monitoring and surveillance systems with features like motion-activated light and sound deterrence, night vision, infrared detection, and more.

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