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Emergency lighting systems installed in a commercial building

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Power Supply Solutions is your go-to source for delivering, installing, and repairing power units and generators tailored to the highest standards of contemporary commercial environments. From table-top versions to modular rack solutions, we engineer power solutions that meet diverse requirements.


Explore a range of power units and generators designed for different applications. Our solutions include table-top versions, modular rack setups, and combined solutions for varied commercial needs

Our Offerings

Voltage and Current Customization: Tailor power units to your specific applications with different voltage and current combinations, ensuring seamless integration into your operations.

One-Phase, Three-Phase, and Battery UPS Units: Choose from a variety of UPS units, including one-phase, three-phase, and battery-powered options, to meet your specific energy backup needs.

Emergency Lighting Systems: Ensure safety with our emergency lighting systems, providing illumination during power outages or emergencies.

Generators for Indoor and Outdoor Operation: Select from a wide choice of generators suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, sourced from trusted producers like APC, Schneider, ABB, GE, and SIEMENS.

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